I’d be the first to admit that I’m a pedant.  I get as hot under the collar as Lynne Truss over the misuse of its and it’s, their and there, hear and here and general careless illiteracy and I’m the one who couldn’t watch past the first episode of Downton Abbey because it infuriated me so much.

Another facet of the high school vampire that hadn't occurred to me

When I tried to read Twilight it wasn’t the vampire romance that bothered me, it was the idea of vampires in high school.  Didn’t anyone notice that Edward Cullen et all never seemed to move up a grade?    You can’t take a photograph  of a vampire either so what happened with the class yearbook?  A pencil drawing maybe?  I have to admit I gave up early on in the book so never got the answer to that question nor to the one about why anyone, undead or not, would voluntarily go to school year after year.

One of the things I’m not that pedantic about, well not really, is film adaptations of books, even if I’ve really loved the book.  Films are different, stories have to be adapted, though I reserve the right to get hot under the collar about lousy adaptations.  There were quite a lot of liberties taken with the last version of Pride and Prejudice but it didn’t matter, Kiera Knightly made a wonderful Lizzie, even though the fussy part of me was tut-tutting like mad about her dashing out to see Darcy while still in her nightie.  However, I won’t be going to see One For The Money, I could just about accept Katherine Heigl as Stephanie Plum  though she’s a long way from how I envisage Stephanie but who though that getting a blue eyed, fair skinned Irishman to play  the olive skinned, black eyed, Italian Joe Morelli was a good idea?  Maybe he/she thought that as both nationalities started with an I no-one would notice.

Last week my husband, youngest daughter and I went to see The Hunger Games.  I was telling my middle daughter how good it was and that it stayed really close to the book – she normally never sees films of books because she can’t bear it when the film strays from the original plot.  That’s why she’s one of the few twenty somethings who’s never seen any of the Harry Potter films.  On my recommendation and assurance she wouldn’t be upset by gratuitous plot deviations went to see the film with a couple of friends that evening.

Next morning I asked her what she thought of it.

‘All right, I suppose but I got really annoyed – you know that bit when after Katniss has buried *** and then she sits on the ground and blubs?

‘She didn’t do that in the book.’