My Books


Seven-Week Itch and Up To No Good have come out on Kindle with these wonderful cover designs by Theo Wayte.



I’m delighted to say that Something Stupid is now published as an e-book with this gorgeous new cover design by Theo Wayte.

The books.

So far I’ve had four books published in various editions.  The first which was published under a pseudonym by Robert Hale is desperately out of date and doesn’t deserve reviving.  It was, to my great surprise, translated into Russian.

Something Stupid

I was living in France, didn’t have access to Libraries and it was pre-internet so decent books were in short supply and I wrote Something Stupid largely to amuse myself and because it was the sort of book that at the time I felt like reading.  I’d only written short genre fiction up to them so I wasn’t sure I had the writing stamina to complete a full length book.  It had a resounding thumbs down from the first ten agents I sent it to, the eleventh rang me up within days saying she loved it and knew an editor whom she thought would like it too.  A week later I had a book contract.

The Hodder Headline edition.

It was published in German as Dumn Gelaufen which loosely translates as Shit Happens!

and also in this edition;

I really like the cover for the Thai edition – particularly the cat wearing Nelson’s hat, Laura’s cat was called Horatio and it shows the illustrator had actually read the book.  This does not always happen!

Seven Week Itch

This was probably the most fun to write, I was riding high on having got my contract and it was so easy!

The Hodder Headline edition.

The German edition, Die verflixte siebte Woche – a pretty literal translation of the title this time.

and this one;

I can’t remember there being a pillow fight in the book…

Seven Week Itch is shortly coming out in a Kindle edition.

Up To No Good

This one is set in a holiday cottage in France and the cricket match was inspired by a real cricket match that took place at my brother’s house.  He, however, didn’t have a stuffed sanglier’s head (a wild boar) as the trophy for the winner!  In the true tradition of English animal lovers I dedicated the book to my epileptic Dalmatian Plum who kept me faithful company while I was writing and was the model for Lily in the book.

The German edition was published as Unverhofft Leibt Oft which I think roughly means “Often unexpected love” or “un-hoped for love”.

Up To No Good will also be coming out shortly as an e-book.

I’m also nearly at the end of my current book and there are a couple more in the pipeline…

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