A few weeks ago I wrote about finding something very similar to these in the vinesKnickers(they’re still there incidentally, though looking distinctly weather worn) and I’m still curious about how you can lose your knickers and not notice in the weather we’ve been happening.

The middle daughter is currently delivering the Sud-Ouest (our local paper) which involves getting up at an appallingly early hour of the morning before driving to Barsac to get the papers, before starting her round.  Barsac, for the uninitiated, is a quiet little village near Sauternes whose chief claim to fame is having its own appellation for its wonderful sweet white wines.

Daughter turns up at 4.20 this morning to get her papers and finds this in her usual parking place outside a couple of small shops.

1912464_10152013451364833_1801574183_nIts exactly what you think is, and not a very large pen like her boyfriend suggested.

I don’t dare even think about how it got there or how it was lost.

And people think south-west France is boring.