I’m not sure whether I should be delighted or slapping myself on the head and going, ‘Durrr!’

As I’ve been doing quite a lot of work today (aka much effing and blinding) on setting myself up a Facebook author page, doing a LinkedIn profile etc I thought I might as well check how the sales of my books on Kindle are doing.  Normally this is pretty gloomy viewing and needs a strong drink before I have the courage to click on “Prior Six Week’s Royalties”.

Today I noticed for the first time that what I assumed were my total sales were just those for Amazon.com, including India. Since I’ve never been published in either place and all my publicity has been aimed at the UK so far it isn’t surprising that my sales haven’t been astronomic.  Now I’ve looked at Amazon.co.uk my general sales are quite healthy, well better anyway.

So while I’m not looking forward to royalties like this for March,

poundsit’s still going to be one hell of a lot more than I thought I’d be getting.

I have a feeling some other people will be going ‘Durr!’ for me.