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…I wasn’t wandering quite as lonely as a cloud, I was meandering along, walking the dogs and enjoying the sunshine* when I came upon a carpet of these between two sections of vines.

March 13 005My mother used to plant grape hyacinths in the garden, around here they grow wild in such profusion that no-one seems to really notice them.  I do, even after nearly twenty years here I’m constantly surprised by the profusion and variety of wild things – both animal and vegetable that abound in the French countryside.

Suddenly after the greys of winter there’s colour around, the glorious blue of the grape hyacinths, the pink of the campions, the purple of the tiny violets that grow so abundantly across our lawn, all wild, all untrammelled, all harbingers of warmer days to come.

Vive le printemps!

*With apologies for making everyone who’s shivering under a blanket of snow feel jealous.