I’m thrilled to say that Something Stupid is at last out as an e-book with this gorgeous new cover by Theo Wayte.

I say at last because I’d inadvertently signed myself up twice to Kindle using two different email addresses, my personal one which I buy things on and my writing one which I don’t.  It caused a considerable amount of confusion in Amazon’s computer brain which couldn’t work out why two different people called Victoria Corby were both claiming worldwide publication rights to the same book.  Of course computers can’t get their circuits round the idea that human beings make mistakes so each time I tried to publish the book it would get bounced back after twenty-four hours because there was a query over who did hold the publication rights.

You may well ask why I didn’t simply delete one of my identities.  Simple.  Because I couldn’t.  Just like Hotel California, ‘You can check out any time you like but you can never leave…’

Fortunately, unlike Hotel California, a heartfelt plea to the Help desk that all of this was doing my head in worked and my final attempt at getting Something Stupid on linewas successful.  However, as far as Kindle’s concerned there are still two Victoria Corby’s who write books with the same title.  I wonder what will happen when I try to publish Seven Week Itch.