The OH was doing the last clean out of the pool yesterday and fished out what he thought was a dead un.  Then this handsome little chap started moving.

We’ve never seen a live salamander before, but one thing I did know is that these ones are poisonous to cats and dogs.  Since Kevin has already had a bad case of lizard tummy (he’s so greedy that I think he’d eat a worm given the chance), my daughter took the salamander well away and put him on a vine post to warm up in the sun.

Fortunately she then looked up salamanders on the net and discovered that they aren’t lizards, they’re amphibians and some of them are newts.  Or rather newts are salamanders.  Quite opposite to what you might think and what legend would have you believe, most salamanders don’t like the heat.  She was in effect frying the poor thing’s brains by warming it up.  So the salamander was removed to the edge of the spring in the woods where it’s cool and humid as they like it.  We trust that he salamandered happily off.