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Just a few photos:

We’re really lucky in that the founder of the book group has a wonderfully large room in her house which was big enough, with some bringing in of garden tables, to seat 18 for lunch – so much nicer than going to a restaurant and much more convivial too.

The bunting in situ

It never occurred to me to measure how long it should be..

luckily I got it just right.

Angela, who’s incredibly creative, decorated all the paper napkins with flowers and ‘Book Club 10th Birthday’.  She also did the little flower arrangements and scattered names of books we’ve read over the cloth.  It all looked amazing.

I can’t help feeling this picture would be improved if there was something in the glass…  Each place setting had a different book cover.

Angela made this too:

It’s the nine current members of the book group discussing The Help.  I’m the one in yellow, I have to say that my hair isn’t quite that colour – I don’t have maroon streaks.  I have a feeling that this model will be brought out again and again as it deserves to be.

We had cake and balloons too.  It was a great party.