Warning, blowing of own trumpet follows.

My book club is having a party to celebrate its 10th anniversary this week and I thought that a book club party should have lots of book type decorations so I offered to make some bunting with pictures of the covers of the books we’ve read over the last ten years.

It took a lot longer than I rather hopefully thought it would, it can be quite difficult finding decent pictures of the covers on the internet, I had to give up on Hilary Mantel’s A Change of Climate as all the images were desperately blurred, but I have to say I think I did a jolly good job.

Here they are hung up in my husband’s office so I can admire my handiwork.  They really do look even better in real life.

There’s a total of 79 covers up there, we’ve actually read 98 books but I couldn’t download some, I loathed a couple so much I refused to include them (the creator’s privilege), some of the covers were downright boring and I accidentally cut Atonement in half.  I have included the book club’s most loathed book – Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott which prompted one member to threaten to resign if we ever had a book like that again.

The Eyre Affair was not a success, one member said, ‘It’s got a Dodo in it and Dodos don’t exist…’

Moon Tiger had a very mixed reception as did Lucia, Lucia but everyone loved The Next Step In The Dance.  Great cover too.

This one is for the door as everyone comes in.  The middle two books, The Girl With A Pearl Earring was the first book we read, and Guernica was our book last week.

Now off to make book related place cards for the lunch…