We woke up to a snowy world today and to two dogs, who usually possess gleamingly white coats, suddenly turning a rather dingy yellow.  Rather like polar bears Dalmatians tend to look a bit grubby when seen against a truly white background so you have to chose your shot very carefully when trying to take a picture of the dogs in the snow.  As one does of course.  Who can resist taking snow pictures?

Dalmatians are also extremely energetic and prefer not to stay in one spot for more than a second or two, especially when their spotted paws are getting cold so unless you have an excellent camera (which I don’t) you tend to end up with a series of shots like this one:

So I won’t be able to show you any artistic pictures of Dalmatians playing in the snow.

The other problem about photographing the dogs in the snow is finding them.  Normally this isn’t a problem, large white dogs have difficulty concealing themselves against greenery; even Flynn who is selectively obedient at best knows the game is up when I shout, ‘I can see you,’ as he trots off to investigate the neighbour’s dustbins.  In the snow amongst the vines the dogs disappear almost completely.  Grubby white fur and black spots are perfect camouflage amongst vine posts and tufty grass and boy do they take advantage of it.

Spot the Dalmatians
Nearly invisible dog

So I gave up on photography.  Anyway it might have been beautiful but it was perishing cold.