I have a new computer screen again and one that cost a mere 8 times what the

The computer technician pays a call.

computer is worth rather than the 20 times which was the price of a new one.

My daughter went at her medieval sword fighting group on Tuesday – I’m glad to say that they do staged performances rather than hack at each other for real with broadswords, though I do wonder what would happen if she was stopped by les flics and they happened to see the impressive armoury she carries around in her car with her, three long swords, two shorts swords and a dagger – and said she’d ask there if anyone knew where to get a secondhand computer screen.  She said that when she called out, ‘Are there any computer geeks here who know…’ it was like being at the stock exchange being mobbed by brokers trying to sell you cut-price shares, ‘Price Minister, Le Bon Coin, Easy Cash…’  It had never occurred to me before that a liking for chain mail and computers went together but then I’ve never played Dungeons and Dragons.

Our local branch of Easy Cash is guitar central, record player heaven and computer screen city according to my husband who was despatched to find the new screen.  Well he likes doing that sort of thing (he also came back with a new mobile for himself, there just “happened” to be a parking space outside France Telecom).  He chose his screen then caused great offence to the assistant by asking if it had all the requisite cables, a perfectly reasonable request in my view, especially as the assistant had to go into the back office to ask.

So now where there used to be a big, fat old screen I have a nice, new-to-me, slim one – sitting in an embarrassingly deep pile of dust.  I can’t think how that much dust accumulated underneath something that was never moved.